Our Mission


Environment. Education. Equity. The intersection of these words exemplifies the breadth and depth of our organization. Eco Education supports young people and educators through innovative, culturally-relevant programs that empower young people to improve the health of the environment and their communities.

Eco Education, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, offers an array of experiential, environmental education programs that inspire students to improve their academic performance, civic engagement and environmental stewardship. We partner with public, private and charter schools in the Twin Cities metro area and offer after school and summer school experiences as well as environmental education curriculum that can be integrated into middle school and high school classrooms. We also support educators by offering mentoring, coaching and professional development experiences that can deepen their discipline knowledge base and/or enhance their teaching strategies pertaining to the service-learning methodology.

Since our inception in 1991, our mission statement has been to foster within young people the awareness, knowledge, values and skills necessary to inspire ecologically sound decisions and actions. With the constitution of our Youth Advisory Board, we have expanded our mission to more fully represent youth voice and our holistic approach to environmental education—inspiring co-learning between youth and adults that transforms their relationship with the environment and each other.